Caspian Tattoo Studios FAQ: 

I want a tattoo from Caspian! How do I get started?

Your best bet is to walk in to the studio and ask to talk to an artist about a tattoo. You can ask for a specific artist (names, bios, and photos are on our Artists page on this website!) or you can come in with an open mind and let the artist come to you! Bring a picture or two with ideas of what you would want. From there, we can book consultations and appointments, price tattoos, and give advice in-studio. Scheduled appointments carry a $35 booking fee, but $25 goes toward the final price of your tattoo. We also take walk-ins.



How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Once you have spoken to an artist about your piece and you’re ready for your tattoo, you will need proper payment in the form of cash or card and a government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.). Make sure you have eaten and are hydrated. Never get tattooed on an empty stomach!



I’m a minor. Does the policy change?

Yes. Some of our artists do not work with minors. You will need to bring in a parent or guardian and
speak with an artist directly. Both parent/guardian and client should have photo IDs with them. If the client does not have a driver’s license/driver’s permit/passport, you may be too young to work with the artist (our minimum age is sixteen!).



I live far away. Can I still be tattooed at Caspian?

Yes. We have a number of artists that work long distance with our customers, and some even prefer email consultations. Call in to the studio to get more information, or take a look at our Artist’s page to contact an artist directly, via email or social media.



What will my tattoo cost?

We do not price tattoos online or over the phone. We allow artists to price their own work. We do have a shop minimum of $60 to cover cost of supplies and time for artists. Come in to the studio to get a quote on your unique piece.




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